Archive Skin
Website design & development for MFA thesis

Website design & development for MFA thesis A Study on Experimental Form-Making using Dimensional Transition.

In modern design, the skin was regarded as a shell of the structure, but now it plays a leading role in developing various forms. 'Archive-Skin' is a digital record of experimental forms generated by 2D/3D tools and virtual 3D programs.
Alphabets, basic signs with no particular meanings, were interpolated to produce hybrid forms. Each alphabet goes through wrapping (construction) and unwrapping (deconstruction) phases in real and virtual environments.

When something three-dimensional turns into a flat surface, is it still identical to the previous stage? Could appearance or skin be separated from its content and produce its own meaning? By making the two-dimensional three and the three-dimensional two, the experiments explore possibilities of various form making.

Used Tools & Programs
✓ Physical tools: paper, knife, glue, camera, 2D&3D printers
✓ Programs: Blender, 123D Catch, Illustrator, Photoshop