Listen to the City
Posters. 2014-2016
Project Management. Listen to the City
Listen to the City is an art-design-urbanism activism collective. It hat has been visualizing the invisible substances of urban spaces and showing conflicts inside of the cities. 
I’ve participated as a member of the group for three years. Below are selected images of the design works.
A Cultural Space, Okbaraji Alley
Poster for Web. 2016
A poster for an event, A Cultural Space, Okbaraji Alley

City Maintenance Law Seminar
Poster for Web. 2016
A poster for City Maintenance Law & Redevelopment Seminar from Listen to the City.

River Becomes City
Poster. 2016
Photography. Buddhist Nun Jiyul
Proposal for the Group Exhibition Matter Fiction (2016.5.4 - 8.30) in Museu Berardo, Lisboa.

Okbaraji Alley Festival
Poster & Banner. 2016
Banner. 1,300x2,000mm
Poster. 250x353mm
Collaboration. Hanseul Wang
A Banner and Posters for the Okbaraji Alley Festival. The Poster recorded the map and the memory of the villagers with the photos of a demolished alley.

Sanggyedong Olympic
Poster. 2016
A poster for the Urban Film Festival from Listen to the City

Naeseoung River & Willow Colony
Poster. 2014
Illustration. Eunseon Park
A poster for Exhibition Flora Society at Gallery Factory.